Here Are 21 Critical Position Points for the 2020 Election Cycle

The time was April/May 2015 when I felt compelled to try and influence the opinions of some 17 Republicans who let others know that they wanted to be the next President. I wanted that to start because I already concluded that the Democratic candidate would be Hillary Clinton and, in my opinion, she would extend the policies of Barrack Obama and there was no recovery if that happened. The country I loved and served, for 4 years, in the Marine Corps was worth saving. I had to share my feelings and offer some ideas that conservative American Candidates would accept and all Republicans would accept as campaign issues. Without research, I decided to create a website and populate it with my ideas for a better USA. God is a major influence in this website.

Without research, I started to type and I stopped at 21 ideas that would have a big impact on Republican voters and be rejected by Democratic voters. I invited Republican Candidates for President to visit my website and pick the idea(s) that were most meaningful to them and campaign on them. I also stated that, depending on the candidate, I would present Campaign ideas that would help them get elected. I left room for two-way discussions and was willing to dedicate myself to a republican victory as I “knew” that Hillary and her companions would bring great harm to my country. I envisioned the events of my fellow Maries if Hillary were Commander and Chief. Our national security depended upon credible leadership for the military, the police, and other civilian protection. After Benghazi, Fast and Furious, and the Open borders scenario, etc., I had to create very Conservative issues. I stopped at 21 as that was, in my opinion, the best I could do.  Below you will find those 21 and they were published and the results are now known to every citizen. It’s also important to know that despite my open invitation, only Donald Trump and his Trump Tower staff, contacted us and actually picked a few issues from my list of 21 to support. In return, I created a lot of very effective marketing ideas. Little did I know then that this businessman from New York would be the blessing I was looking for. President Donald J. Trump exceeded my expectations. So the 21 ideas listed below have new meaning. The work is not done and only President Trump can finish it. So, I remain committed to keeping the President in the White House and I predict a landslide victory for him. It is God’s will.

The contents below began in May 2015, and remain as an effective solution.  


******* Content from 2016 Election Cycle  *******

Welcome to this robust and informative website.This is for you if you are a Republican and want to be informed about each announced Republican Candidate for President and understand their positions on ALL of the major positions that could define the next President.

f you've read this far but think that Barrack Hussein Obama ( A Muslim Name *) is a good President or even a fair one then you are at the wrong site. Personally I think that he will replace Jimmy Carter as the WORST President in History. You may agree with that but still support the idea that we need a woman in the White House (not the First Lady). Then you must also believe that Hillary Clinton is the one so you want the first woman President to replace Obama as the worst President in History. A lofty Goal but not one the country can survive. It would be too much to have the first Black President followed by the first Woman President with the second topping the first for the title of Worst President Yes, the Democrats like to make history even if it destroys the country and shreds the Constitution. But dont worry....Hillary will say" What Difference Does it Make?"

Now I’m not against having a woman become the Republican President. I would love to have a Margaret Thatcher or a Golda Meir but we do have Carly Fiorina and she is a far better choice than Hillary Clinton and she’s actually honest and a former President of a major American Company. Do you think she knows how to create jobs? Look, even Bill Clinton can’t stand Hillary which is why he’s taken every opportunity to replace her since she moved into the White House and became Vegan. If you don’t like meat then Bill will go hunting on his own. “I did not have sex with that woman.”

Now back to the business of electing a President to the White House in November, 2016. As you'll notice below, I have created a Position Paper listing many changes that I would like to see the next President do. As you read through the list it can be your bench mark when asking candidates their position. Better than that, I will have every announced candidate read through the list and answer if they "agree" "disagree" or have a "comment" to add. Only the candidates will have the opportunity to view and make selections and comments. Then their results will be available for all to see. As O'Reilly says, "the spin stops here." You will be able to see who agrees with you on those suggestions that WE would like to be implemented. 

But YOU will also have an opportunity to present your views as well. You can send us an email and suggest another item be added to the list. We will post your suggestion and let other viewers vote on it. If your suggestion makes the list then all candidates must present their views on it. This is YOUR site and it will grow with content and comments between now and November, 2016.This is a work in progress and all we ask is that you find the best Republican Candidate and do everything you can to see that they are elected. I will be eternally grateful. I would like the next President to achieve an honor as well. I want the next President of the United States of America to be the BEST President in history. Wouldn't that be wonderful? Then we can get our country back. Semper Fi

"While growing up I admired an Olympic Boxer named Cassius Clay who became a Muslim and changed his name to Mohmmand Ali. Another sports favorite of mine was a Basketball player called Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor Jr. who became a Muslim and changed his name to Kareem Abdul Jabbar. There are thousands of other examples of someone becoming a Muslim and changing their name.You draw your own conclusion. "

21 Position Suggestions for Republican Candidates This Election Cycle

  1. Shrink the size of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), created by the Carter Administration, by 20% a year and review all regulations issued by them that have an adverse effect on the economy. Eliminate the negatives permanently. Undo Obama mandates.

  2. Downsize the National Education Assos. (NEA), also created by the Carter Administration,  to 10% of its current size during the President’s first term, with new federal guidelines to “support” local school districts only. There must be guidelines regarding textbooks to be sure that the books are accurate and neutral regarding historical facts.  Colleges and Universities will be judged and federal funds allocated to schools that are neutral and not weighted as liberal or Conservative. Elementary and high schools will be returned to the local school districts with property taxes kept within the school district. The teachers Union will be eliminated and no teacher will be allowed to unionize. Also, tenure will be eliminated and all teachers and professors will be paid according to their teaching value and credentials. Bad teachers will be encouraged to find another occupation.

  3. Have an objective on making the US totally energy independent and become a net exporter. Not one cent will go to purchase any fuel from any foreign government et al.

  4. The military must be restored to levels established after 9/11 with the latest weapons for all military branches. Iran and North Korea must be neutralized with no nuclear capabilities.

  5. Those who violated their Oath of Office in government service will be prosecuted regardless of their position or whether they were elected or hired. The oath of office is sacred.  There must be penalties for violations that include every government job from the President on down.  If those in the Military can be prosecuted for violating their oath of Office then so can ALL other Government Employees selected or elected.

  6. Government workers terminated from the EPA and NEA can be reassigned to focus on welfare fraud and establish new standards based upon the Biblical Principal that says if you don’t work you don’t eat. That rule will not apply to those who are unable to work for legitimate reasons. ADC will be paid to the Mother for the first baby only.  There will be no more incentives for women to be an incubator to harvest babies for profit. Any woman who has more children than she can support will not receive any federal or state aid unless she agrees to be sterilized permanently.

  7. Obama Care must be eliminated and replaced by a plan that actually improves health care to a level that will be better than the Pre Obama Care law implementation. The health care must be incentivized to reward the best and penalize the worse. Doctors who cheat the system for personal gain will lose their license. The focus will always be on providing the best care for the best price. Eliminate any taxes on innovators who create advances in medical treatment. America must remain the leaders in healthcare.

  8. Regarding illegal immigration.  First, secure the border so NO ONE can enter our country illegally. Then enforce the law and make EVERY employer validate that they do not employ any illegal immigrants and access fines if they do. The only people who are allowed to work in the US are citizens, legal immigrants who have applied and received a valid work permit or illegals who qualify for a “temporary” work permit... That’s it.

  9. Eliminate the current IRS structure of collecting taxes and replace it with a “flat tax” collection system. Appoint Steve Forbes the Treasury Secretary.

  10. Identify radical Muslim groups like Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, ICIS, etc and issue a declaration of war against them. That would allow the Government to deport all terrorists from the US or imprison them.  Seek out the enemy and destroy them in a joint effort with all other democracies and allies. The only way to stop the war is win it and kill every terrorist before they kill us. Isolate all terrorist countries and freeze all their assets and eliminate all foreign trade with them. Allow only food and medicine to be exported to them which will be paid for with oil reserves and other assets within their control. Destroy all of their weapons and make it impossible for them to be replaced. North Korea must be isolated with NO FOREIGN AID available until all nuclear weapons are destroyed. Give them a deadline to destroy them and then enforce it. It’s past time to unify North and South Korea and a plan of action needs to be created by the US and South Korea for that to happen. Any country that practices Sharia Law will not receive any money from the US unless it is aid to be distributed by the Red Cross or United Nations for humanitarian purposes.

  11. No one of the Muslim Faith will be allowed to immigrate to the USA unless they totally disavow any portion of the Koran that mentions or subscribes to the idea that all non-Muslims must convert to their religion or face death, a heavy tax or other severe penalties. They must swear allegiance to the Constitution of the United State that guarantees religious freedom for ALL citizens. Any violation of this Constitutional protection will REQUIRE that the violator be returned to the country of their birth regardless of their status in the USA.  This rule, when passed by Congress, will become retroactive and apply to all Muslims living in the USA.  Any Mosque preaching hate of other religions or harbors a school for young children called a Madrasa will be closed immediately and their assets seized.

  12. Practice the Law of reciprocity from the Bible. Examine how other nations and other people treat the USA.  Influence other nations by the example we set. There is no leadership without strength balanced by compassion. The Bully must be stopped by a bigger bully. The faithful shall be an example of strength through faith. The strongest are those with a dream and a purpose as very few people have either but sincerely want both.  Those with no hope and no purpose will join a radical group and even murder others to validate that purpose. If you don’t teach American exceptionalism and American values and history then within the Education System then it will be forgotten. America’s “greatest generation” was willing to sacrifice everything to preserve America because they were taught American History and pillars of greatness in the leaders who wrote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and they understood its importance. They were willing to die to protect their families and the freedoms they enjoyed and wanted to pass it along to future generations.

  13. The President will ask the House and Senate to draft a bill and pass it which states the following…..No child, born in America, will become a citizen unless one or both parents are American citizens. If one or both parents only have a green card then the child will have the same provisional status as the parents. Should the parents become citizens the parents can petition for their child to be a citizen also? I would like for this clarification to be retroactive to include ALL children born in America since

  14. Support Term Limits for all members of the Legislative Branch to a maximum of 12 years total.  A U.S. Senator shall be limited to two terms of 6 years each and a Representative limited to three terms of 2 years each. 

  15. Pass Federal Legislation to implement the “Loser Pays” policy that is a standard for the British legal system and is being practiced in Texas (?).  That should stop many frivolous lawsuits. Examine and find the way to hold a speedy “trial of your peers” as required. Find a way to eliminate the multiple appeals for death sentences. There are too many, too costly and there must be a better way to enforce the jury verdict. Convictions begin in the courtroom and mistakes should be eliminated there also. Any attorney who knowingly falsifies evidence to gain a conviction will lose their license to practice law immediately.

  16. Immediately assign a Responsible person to have the authority to conduct a full investigation over the fraud in the Social Security program and match names to S.S. numbers to eliminate those who are defrauding the system. Estimated that 6 million people are illegally receiving S.S. payments and many S.S. numbers are being used by illegal immigrants in order to secure federal and state benefits and beyond that having established the credibility to vote even though the original S.S. recipient is now decreased.

  17. American news is in a crisis and this situation needs to be addressed immediately.  The sacrificial Lamb is the First Amendment and I ask you if it's worth saving. The First Amendment is at risk because of the majority of Teachers in Journalism Schools and related instructors are dominated by Liberals. Journalism is dominated by teachers who have established Journalism as the most left-wing of all professions. The colleges are 100% responsible for the teachers that they hire and there seems to be no concern for a balance of Liberal vs Conservation teaching units.  Reporting news must be neutral and believable but the President is completely accurate when he calls today's media reporting as " Fake News". What must be done NOW by the Federal Government?  All Journalism schools should be judged immediately by the number of truly neutral Journalist graduates and the % of liberal or conservative instructors. The weapon of the purse should be used to effect change at ALL schools that teach journalism because they are the rule of neutrality that honors true journalism... Some teaching institutions are so liberal that they teach  Communism and anti-Capitalism classes which is not acceptable and promote  Anti-American thinking which leads to the erosion of the First Amendment standards. Teaching institutions should be judged on the balanced education they maintain and if the majority of their teachers are Liberal. Currently, there are 13% liberals for every one conservative. All financial aid provided by the Federal Government and all Federal agencies should be removed after giving proper notice. All tenured educators should be terminated so that the universities can begin termination notices without interruption. Along with the termination of federal funds is the modification of certification of classes that do not meet neutral standards.. Brainwashing of college students must stop now with standards of neutrality that were standard in journalism school from the '30s and beyond.  America must set the standard for truth and honesty in news reporting. The future of the First Amendment demands it. 

  18. Rein in the Export-Import Bank and require that all loans are secured with guaranteed assets that can be seized by the Bank and that the benefits of any loan to an off-shore business must benefit American Business and be guaranteed by the businesses benefiting.

  19. / Admit that the War on Poverty has failed, terminate it and replace it with a War on Unemployment and implement a “Marshall Plan” to rebuild the inner cities with better education, job training, and jobs.

  20. Time to phase out Pres. Johnson’s War on Poverty and replace it with a War Against Massive Government Intrusion in Every Facet of our lives.

  21. Recognize that America was created based upon the original British Magna Carta and evolved into the Constitution and Bills of Rights to form a Christian Nation that honored the values established within that Religion. Despite the Freedom of Religion clause, no other Religion shall replace the Christian Values embraced by the Founders. Therefore, the new President shall affirm that the term “Marriage” shall be reserved for the legal union of a man and a woman ONLY and that others shall have the RIGHT to form a Legal union know as a Domestic Partnership or a Civil Union with all rights outlined by the States so that rights afforded to a married couple are not exclusive.

This Continues to be a Work in Progress

Submitted by: 

Chuck Salisbury,